Star link satellites and light pollution

Star link satellites and light pollution 2021

Star link satellites and light pollution; Before to go for the star link and its effect on light pollution, let me discuss how world is connected through internet because it is more closely related to star link. The world is connected via internet with different medium that provide us accessibility of internet, these mediums are mainly wires or somehow wireless and more precisely the satellite.

Nearly half of the world population does not have access to the internet, because most internet options require an extensive track of costly underground cables, leaving many world locations offline. But this location access the internet through satellites. But the cost of satellites is high than the wires but wires provide more strong connection than satellites due to low distortion in media.

Since that one satellite is meant to service a lot of people, its data capability is limited, which then limits connection speed.

Star link satellites and light pollution
Star link satellites and light pollution

As this problem of internet, created a space for Elon musk and Space X. Elon Musk’s idea of promising to provide high-speed internet gave birth to star-link. After securing high potential amount from his project Space X, at the end of 2020 Elon Musk gave idea of star-link.

Star-link is a globe-encircling network of internet beaming satellites that is trying to get you online no matter what is you location. As of early October 2020, Space X has launched more than 700 satellites into orbit, which are surrounding the globe and providing internet connection at your doorstep without any wire connection, you just require an antenna for this connection. Elon Musk plan of star-link include approximately 42000 satellites in space over the next five years.

Star link satellites and antennas

These satellites can be much closer, anywhere between 200 to 400 miles above the planet in low-earth orbit.  This will reduce the internet delay which is found in traditional satellites. In orbit it is necessary for satellites move constantly.  All satellites will be connected with each other via satellite beams.

Star link satellites and light pollution

The real problem arises because of brighter part of antenna that will reflect the sunlight. That bouncing back light may look like stars, the biggest problem to astronomers and meteorologists.  The satellites can be seen right after dusk and before sun rise, that is perfect time for astronomers to hunt near-Earth objects or asteroids, these objects could hit earth and possible harm us.

Star link satellites and light pollution

Star link satellites and light pollution solutions

As more satellites revolve in orbits that will probably interfere with the vies of astronomers. Elon Musk and Space X team faced questions for this, so they modified shining part of satellites with dark coated material. It also added visor to shield this shiny part from ground. But unless satellites cloaked like a spaceship in “Star Trek”, technology that does not exist, none of this will fully solved this problem.

Even Elon musk considered it but there is another problem regarding space debris or space pollution. Because when you have thousands of satellites which are closely, densely orbiting the Earth, there is always a chance of satellites collisions. This collision would create clouds of debris (parts of broken satellites revolving in space) that may orbit earth for year or even centuries.

These debris may cause breakage of other satellites and create more debris  and this problem spirals out of control in an effect called the Kessler-Syndrome. And if we reach it, the exploration of space will be dangerous or even impossible for human lives. That’s why many scientists working hard to stop being in cause of Kessler-syndrome and arguing that this must not be done in effect of star-link and light pollution.

Star link satellites and light pollution
Star link satellites and light pollution

Star link satellites and light pollution causes the reflection of sunlight by satellite will cause light pollution.  Light pollution is the over illumination of cities and night skies by artificial or reflecting light from any other source, that is mainly artificial.  It is because of abundance of light sources emitting/ reflecting light outside of an intended direction.

Star link satellites and light pollution effects

Light pollution have many harmful impacts; wildlife particularly turtles that use light of moon to reach the sea, due to light pollution which disrupting nocturnal pattern, losing their way, and dying before to reach sea.  Human’s well being also compromised by light pollution, it disrupts natural sleep pattern and causes sleep deprivation, leading to number of health issues possible cancer.

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